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Check with lemon and blueberries New recipes

Check with lemon and blueberries

by laura, now I made according to her recipe:) I prepared it with great pleasure for the meeting at Satic, now let's see how they felt: D150 g butter150 ml sugar300 g flour50 ml milk3 eggs1 lemon1 sachet baking powder150 g blueberriesPortions: 10 Preparation time: less than 90 minutes RECIPE PREPARATION Check with lemon and blueberries: In a bowl put the butter and grated lemon peel and half of the sugar composition.

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Tradition Exchange Slideshow Sponsored by Kikkoman New recipes

Tradition Exchange Slideshow Sponsored by Kikkoman

David BurkeRestaurant Group Name: The David Burke GroupRestaurant Name: Fishtail by David BurkeWHAT’S YOUR FAMILY’S OLDEST RECIPE?Roast Leg of Lamb with Sliced New Potatoes, Onions, and Pan-Roasted Carrots.WHAT RECIPE WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE KNOWN FOR?I would like to be known for thinking outside of the box.

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Father's Day Dessert Ideas New recipes

Father's Day Dessert Ideas

Celebrating Father’s Day is always a little tricky. Sure, dad is happy with whatever you gift him, but it’d be nice to tailor treats to his liking. For a “manly” dessert idea that will tickle his sweet tooth and still appeal to his macho-manliness, try resorting to a dad favorite: bacon.These delicious desserts are just the right combination of sweet and savory, making them perfect for any dad on Father’s Day!

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Caras brine New recipes

Caras brine

The crucian is cleaned and washed well. Wipe with a towel the excess water and put a lot of salt on it. I did not have a barbecue so I made it on a board. I have a thick plate on which I fry the crucians. Meanwhile, on the same plate, cook the vegetables. After they are cooked - the tomatoes, peppers and hot peppers - peel them and cut them into small pieces.

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The Top Hot Cocoa in Washington, DC New recipes

The Top Hot Cocoa in Washington, DC

Thick, rich, and velvety or sweetly spicy with hints of cinnamon and cloves, a cup of exquisitely made hot cocoa is the perfect antidote to winter’s gray skies and cold temperatures. Hot cocoa — or chocolat chaud as the French call it — tastes delicious served in a homey mug or a delicate porcelain cup with a saucer.

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Where is the Most Expensive Room Service in America? New recipes

Where is the Most Expensive Room Service in America?

The fact that ordering room service will make for a costly meal is nothing new. But a less-known fact is just how much the average room service price can fluctuate depending on the location of the hotel. A report conducted by TripAdvisor reveals the most and least expensive cities for room service, and the results might surprise you.

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