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Cheesecake with berries

Cheesecake with berries

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We crush the biscuits (I ground them on the robot); over them we add the melted butter and the sugar. Carefully mix the butter biscuits until you get some crumbs.

Grease a detachable baking tin with butter and line the bottom with the biscuit mixture; press with a glass, climbing from the composition on the edges of the baking tin (at a height of 3-4 cm).

Separately hydrate the gelatin in cold water to cover it for 10 minutes. Mix the cream cheese with the sugar, beat the whipped cream. Keep the gelatin hydrated in a bain marie until it liquefies. Mix it with cream cheese, then incorporate, with light movements, whipped cream.

I put some blueberries in the cream cheese.

Level and let the cake cool for a few hours.

We boil the fruits and sugar, we boil a few, only well the composition thickens a bit. The resulting mixture, cooled, pass it through a sieve and pour it over the cake. Sprinkle with berries.


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